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Template: MS Word Zine Template

Step by Step Photo Instructions:


  1. Step1

    It’s blank now, but what you do with it is infinite!

    All you need – single letter size sheet of paper, Scissors, a pen and an idea

  2. Step2

    Take a Letter Size sheet of paper and fold it in half the long way.

  3. Step3

    Fold This into quarters on both sides.

  4. Step4

    Now Fold this strip in half lengthwise. (making the 8 sections all the same size)

  5. Step5

    Now Fold up the center and fold out the sides so you make _/\_ shape.

    And Cut a slit in the center fold through to the first crease (not to the edge of the paper)

  6. Step6

    Pull down from the center

  7. Step7

    Fold paper so it creates a three dimensional cross.

  8. Step8

    Collapse the Folds so it becomes a book.

  9. Step9

    Number these pages 1 through 8; Where 1 becomes the cover and 8 becomes the back cover.

  10. Step10

    Unfold and fill in the pages with your content. Remember your top is always to the center of the page.

  11. Step11
    Here’s the finished layout for a zine portfolio I did in Photoshop.

    Once you have a finished page, run off your copies in a copy machine (or scan it in to a computer and print off your copies).

    Then repeat steps 1 through 6 to create your finished books.

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