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Welcome to Season Three of the Weird News, deliver the best WTF’s the internet and world have to offer.

SamProof’s Weird News is a Youtube Video series that highlights odd, offbeat and funny News stories most traditional news outlets gloss over. Our quirky cast of Correspondents bring to the smallest screen the little gems that you might of missed, and even the ones that aren’t from Florida!


Found a funny story you think we should report on?  Want to be a Weird News reporter (just look in the mirror weirdo!) – but seriously, you can submit videos of your own weird news reports – Details coming soon. For now just harass me on twitter @samproof and be like “yo I go news biatch!” and I won’t have any idea what you’re talking about…
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Season 3 – Cast & Crew:

Sam Proof, Patti Moore, Dione Kuraoka, Jennie Newman, Ed Spangler, Sean Humpries, Quintein Vazquez, Jeff Fu, David Rodreguiz, Micah Gordon,

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You Won't Believe What This Man Feeds His Turkeys - Weird News S3 EP 302

How do you like your turkeys? Basted or Wasted? This Farmer is taking heat from the killjoys at PETA that say what he's doing is animal abuse. Is it? Cause if that's animal abuse I've been self mutilating for years (and I love it - thank you whiskey)Do you want your holiday bird basted or wasted!? Find out what this farmer is doing to his turkeys!

DraftKings Wins a $350,000 contest at competitor FanDuel

It's football season and with it comes fantasy football. You've no doubt, not only seen but been completely bombarded by ads from the two titans Draft Kings and Fanduel; hell there's probably one circulating through my own ad sense as it picks out the keys word from this post.

Both of these fantasy league giants offer a huge Guaranteed Prize Pool competition which they're own employees are forbidden to play. However nothing prevents them from taking their insider knowledge from decimating the competition in.. well their competition and that's just what one Draft Kings employee did! DraftKings writer Ethan Haskell, the man in question, leaked ownership and lineup data pertaining to his employer’s biggest contest and then...

Deadspin is reporting:

Haskell, apparently possessing this information, went and played a similar mass entry (GPP, or Guaranteed Prize Pool) contest at FanDuel—the other of the two monopolistic daily fantasy sites—and took second place and $350,000 from a $25 bet. DraftKings employees are prohibited from playing their own daily fantasy games, but are allowed to freely play on other sites.

This wouldn’t be an issue if different DFS sites had significantly different lineup data and game structure, but salaries are analogous between the sites, and the structure is the same. According to a forum post by RotoGrinders co-founder Cal Spears that was corroborated by a DK executive, Haskell did not have access to the data before he set his winning lineup—a point that casts some doubt on butch headlines like The New York Times’s “Fantasy Sports Employees Bet at Rival Sites Using Inside Information”—but the availability of the information is still causing legitimate eyebrow-raising.

Because DFS is legally classified as skills-based rather than gambling, it doesn’t draw the regulatory scrutiny of, say, online poker, which has had its own share of employee scandals involving insider data. Thus, we have people who work for the biggest two DFS companies having access to information that is ostensibly useless since it only pertains to their own site (which they can’t play). But the information is not innocuous, and it gives those with inside information a decided edge. An anonymous industry employee told Legal Sports Report that “a significant number of the whales at the top DFS sites are employees – often executives – of other sites.” They logically wouldn’t put money in their competitor’s pockets unless it was significantly beneficial to them.

Given the amount of money that stands to be made and the ease of moving across sites, this is a climate ripe for insider trading. We see trading like this across industries. It would be naive to think DFS is immune.

The two sites released a joint statement:

Nothing is more important to DraftKings and FanDuel than the integrity of the games we offer to our customers. Both companies have strong policies in place to ensure that employees do not misuse any information at their disposal and strictly limit access to company data to only those employees who require it to do their jobs. Employees with access to this data are rigorously monitored by internal fraud control teams, and we have no evidence that anyone has misused it.

However, we continue to review our internal controls to ensure they are as strong as they can be. We also plan to work with the entire fantasy sports industry on this specific issue so that fans everywhere can continue to enjoy and trust the games they love.

Virginia New Shooter POSTS Videos of Shooting on Twitter

As the details from the unexpected shooting in Virigina, which took the lives of two local news reporters, started to appear.. the shooter himself, Vester Lee Flanagan, took twitter and posted two POV videos of the moments before the shooting. I will not be embedding the actual videos... but I also assume twitter will remove them shortly.

In a tweet earlier that day (after the shooting had happened) Flanagan posted "Alison Made Racists Comments"


MORE DETAILS TO COME (I'm at work right now and trying to update this periodically with the details. please check back. Of leave a comment with any info to follow up)Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 8.18.27 AM




by the time I hit post his twitter had been suspended but his facebook page reminds active and the last video is posted there currently.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 8.25.44 AM


The Time Time Line as it Develops


08:47:25 Apparently the shooter has just killed himself

09:19:32 - The Shooter's facebook has been deleted

09:51:30 according to a source "Cops shot him and he's in critical condition. Even worse."

10:54:00 periscope from "Press conference in shooting of Va. Journalists" - The stream actually cuts out before anything took place.

"Poor internet connectivity at press conference. Trying." The News Leader added

11:23:57 "He is Dead**"






Giant Explosion In Tianjin, China

In Tianjin, China a warehouse near a port area was rcoedk by a giant explosion.

Chinese Officials report that at least 13 people perished and more than 250 people were injured by the explosion that lit up the sky as seen in this video.


Manischewitz Do-It-Yourself Chanukah House!

Oy vey, finally we have our own holiday themed cookie House! Yes the fine people at Manischewitz have the technology!

And for only $24 you can be the happy cookie home owner. The Chanukah house is a vanilla cookie, and a lovely place for your gefilte fish people to live.

Burger King Black Bun Burger

Burger King in Japan is offering a Black Bun burger, while this isn't the first time we've seen such a terrifying creation...

It's the first time to be accompanied by Black Ketchup and Squid Ink Black Cheese, which appears to be slowly unleashing the wrath of Cthulhu on a bright bed of lettuce and tomatoes.

The buns were made with bamboo charcoal, and the creepiest of creepy "black ketchup", which is made from squid ink and garlic.

It'll be available September 19th just in time to instagram a pic form your new iPhone 6 plus.

However if you want to get one of these demons from hell you'll have to jump on a flight to Japan where this soul sucking burger will be available for a limited time, at ¥480.


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