Social Media can be approach with more plans of actions then there are social media sites to utilize.

Coming up with a plan of action is my specilty.

Tips & Advice ($50)

I will analyze your website and all your web assets to tell you how to do what you’re doing better, and get more views, followers, repeat visits and decrease your bounce rate.

Package 1 ($25 Daily +$25 Set up) : 30 Day minimum purchase

Based on the tips I’ve gleamed I can put in to action on a daily basis the my personal plan of action to bring in more eyes to your site.

May Include things like* :

  • Daily Tweeting
  • Facebook fanpage
  • Ad placement
  • Bookmarking on sites like stumpleupon, digg, etc
  • and more

* These services will be custom designed based on your website needs, so not all services will necessarily be used.

Package 2 ($250 + $25 Set up)

This is a more streamlined version of the first package, but spread out over a month with just a few tweak every day or so.