Lurkers have signed this Petition!

In February of 2013 the leader in live streaming websites closed it’s virtual does. A small band of loyal users tried in vein to save the site with a crowd funding campaign to raise the outrageous buyout cost of Five Million Dollars. It was a larf, a last ditch effort… it was a mission done because, well frankly nobody had any better ideas.

The campaign to buy stickam failed, but to this day people still come to be asking about stickam, asking if it’s coming back, if I’ve found a better live streaming site (I have NOT) and so the mission still stands: Save Stickam or create our own live streaming site that fulfills the gap stickam has left us with.

I’ve started a list of all the different streaming sites –‎

So what happens now? Sign the petition above, when that list gets big enough I’ll shop around to try and get investors to create a new live streaming site based on the vision of what stickam was and how it worked, but make it better.