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Tim and Eric Awesome Show Billion Dollar Movie Principal Cartoon Network(Adult Swim)
Ocean Front Property Supporting Continuum Pictures
“Bingo Anonymous” Lead PT GirlsClub Prod.
“The Warning” Lead Leon Productions
“Fritz Ritter” Supporting Symbolic Productions
“Russia, L.A.” Featured Basil Films/Basil
“About time” Lead Dir: Kabir Akhtar


“Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” Principal Cartoon Network(Adult Swim)
“The Drew Carey Show” Reoccurring WB
“General Hospital” Featured ABC

Voice Over

“One Life to Load” (series) Narrator World wide shorts
“A Day in the Life…(chap 1)” Narrator World wide shorts
“Death Rock” Various Supporting Dreamspan Productions
“If Tomorrow Comes…” Narrator World wide shorts


Bullets (web Series) Principal BAM! Produced
Elf Quest Principal Duo Luna Productions
Black Box TV Supporting Defranco Inc.
Furey of Solace Principal
The Sam Proof Show Host Proof Productions
“Failpire” Host Podpocalypse Prodictions
“Video Fight Club Host


Improv 101- 501                                    UCB                                                            Various

Cold Reading & Impov            Commercial/Improv. workshop                        Peaches Johnson

Improv 101                                    Improv. workshop                                                Cabrini College

Special Skills:

Guitar, Singing, Skateboard, Improvisation, Character Voices (South Park’s Cartman, The Simpsons: Apu, Ralph Wiggum, Chief Wiggum, Snake, ),

Accents : New York, Philly, Jersey, Italian, German and more.