Hosted by SamProof, Sax Carr and Robert Chan.

Join us every week as we play and review a new table top game, a pizza and talk about zombies!

PGZ turns a geeks Sunday Night in to a weekly event, as we sit down to squabble over zombie questions, get together to play an old school board game (or other table top game) and eat pizza. We go over game set up and rules, play a full game and give our thoughts on game modding to create a better, funner and/or more challenging game session.

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Sam Proof is a youtube pioneer getting his start in early 2006, and being one of less than a 100 users ever to be nominated for a youtube award. his youtube channel ( has over 16,000 subscribers and 5.5 Million Views. Sam has also been featured on nearly 30 other video websites, including the youtube front page, dailymotion, viewbug, and more. He is the 18th most watched Live Streamer on with over nearly 4 million live views. Proof was part of the team that created Bill Murray day, has 10 years of experience in Reality TV and has a vast web based following.

Sax Carr Host of the popular podcast ‘Fandom Planet’, editor for’s comedy section, events coordinator for MeltDown comics (the largest indie comic shop west of the Mississippi) and stand up comedian

Robert Chan is the mastermind behind the twitter movement ‘Legion of Tweevil’ (, bringing together over 30 amazing comedians to riff daily on a topic via twitter. He is also a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade house Improv team ‘Delicatessen’.

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