Hello Podcasters


I’ve recently rebooted my show : Kick In

Our focus is Crowd Funding Campaigns from sites like kickstarer, indiegogo, etc.

I’m looking for podcasters to send us campaign pitches, for currently active crowd funding campaigns that line up with your shows topics.

These pitches should be about 1 to 3 minutes, cover the basics and anything unique about it. Essentially you’re jumping in as a news anchor pitching to Us the reporter in the field.


In this case it would be something like:
Hey Sam & Art, it’s Tim Powers from Fandom Planet. Check this out: a Single Station FM radio unit on kickstarter. These two guys out of brooklyn are making a radio station in a Masion jar. They already hit their goal of 25000 dollars and are speeding toward 80K. You can get one fully assembled starting at $62 or if you’re a solder your own for $35.
Basically include:
1) the name of the thing
2) which site, kickstarter, indiegogo, etc.
3) their financial goal and a general deadline (‘end of May’ instead of ’24 days’, etc)
4) a cool fact or two
5) an example of a perk or two. Generally the perk for the main thing, and maybe if there’s a cool fancy perk
6) if there are any interesting stretch goals include one or two
That’s it.. and then include a sort wrap up for yourself (which will either go at the end of show or segment).
I’ve been Tim Powers from Fandom Planet, find me at www.fandomplanet.com and on twitter @fandomplanet.
Obviously use whatever project you want to be promoting that week.
-Sam Proof