About the Author : Sam Proof just celebrated his 10 year anniversary in Los Angeles. A city he never thought he’d live in, when he was growing up in the Philly suburbs. In that time he’s had a chance to do some amazing things; Art Direct a feature film, Direct a web series, Appear as Raz on Tim & Eric, just to name a few. He also achieved more then a slight modicum of web fame for his award winning videos on sites like youtube.

“Stay Strong” (Follow your dreams no matter what) – Sam Proof

Gone is Currently Available only on Kindle

Gone : In this first novel by Proof, Aaron Farr puts his life on the internet. He posts videos, pictures, and blogs about his life and his best friend Devlyn James. One day Farr wakes up to realize, his whole life has gone viral – and people are coming for him. Some to worship, and some to kill him, and others to do both.

Gone is currently unpublished. Proof has begun an internet campaign to draw attention to the book, and along with it a fanpage on faceboook here – Where portions of the book can be read

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Path to Publication started as a video series on YouTube (and other video sharing sites)