SamProof is the face of several different each with their own assets and properties. A full list of these is being compiled.

The ‘SamProof’ Brand has the following direct Social Media Platforms:

Followers : 5830+


  • Hootsuite@Samproof’s followers are in their mid twenties with average income.The account has a notable audience concentration in Los Angeles.
  • Professionally, @Samproof’s followers are media production, authors/writers and musicians. The account ranks within the top 10% of all Twitter accounts in terms of density of actors.
  • In their spare time they particularly enjoy comedy/humor, science news, going to the theatre, arts and crafts and political news. @Samproof followers are charitably generous and particularly health conscious. Sports enjoyed significantly more than Twitter norm include extreme sports, cycling and motor sports.
  • As consumers they spend most on fashion/beauty, entertainment and hobbies. Brand affiliations far stronger than Twitter average include Old Spice, Gamestop, Sephora, Gold Star Chili and WTF Online.
  • On Twitter they tweet most often about TV/film, games and sport. Notable audience correlations include@ijustine, @buckhollywood, @feliciaday,@shanedawson and @rainnwilson.

(Provided by Demographics Pro)