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Behind the Scene with Christina Calph

Yesterday i took to the youtube space with the Bad Girl herself Christinia Calph of the Bad Girls Ball. She stepped in front of the screen for a new weird news, or rather Weed News...

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Vampires, Ice buckets and the Fappening – it’s Halloween Collab Call

Make Youtube Videos? Join me for my Annual Halloween Collab video! Submit now!

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Watch the Godzilla trailer and tell me what you think

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I’m on Hulu!

Thanks to my buddy Aaron Waltke from Moon County (the Sketch Team) for catching this. There’s not to much to this story, one day I wondered down to the Solar de Cahuenga cafe (as I did...

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School of Thrones!

Behind the scenes on School of Thrones, the Game of Thrones teen parody. Khal Drogo (Sam Proof)

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What is a Web Series?!

In my latest video I ask people “Do you watch web series, on youtube?” I’ve actually asked this question before and from past experiences there seems to be some confusion on “What is a...

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Paula Rhodes Ask a Ninja Interview

This is Paula Rhodes, one of my producers on the Elf Quest short I’m going to be in. We film in just under 2 weeks and it’s going to be kick ass amazing. When...

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How to Get Excited About Waiting

Ok real quick let me catch you up. Last week I ended up working on a über small indie project ‘Shore Front Property’. Had myself one whole line, which I’m pretty happy with. Anyway,...

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Script Frenzy Programs

So if you’ve thought about writing the great American screenplay at all, you’ve probably tried to figure out how the hell to format everything. You do a little google searching and you’ll find a...

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Script Frenzy

Well it’s still a few months away but it’s not too soon to start thinking about Script Frenzy ( If you were with me in the fall you remember my run for Nanowrimo. Well...

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