June 21st is Bill Murray Day. Come watch a 2 hour live event Tuesday June 21st 7pm to 9pm PST

Find the local Time for Bill Murray Day’s Live Stream at : http://bit.ly/BMDayTime

Details on the facebook group at :

The Live stream will be at http://stickam.com/samproof 7 to 9pm PST


It’s official, Tuesday June 21,2011 10pm EST, 7pm PST the greatest live stream ever streamed will begin streaming the Official Bill Murray Day celebration! What do we have planned? How about some live performances by the Bill Murray Band, stand up by a semi-famous comedian (Announced soon), bobbing for Baby Ruth’s contest, hot girls mud wrestling, Bill Murray movie drinking games, #billmurrayday twitter explosion, farthest fan check in contest, plus much much more, and hot girls mud wrestling.


Tune in tomorrow and you can watch the show right here. And check back in the future for archives of all Bill Murray Day fun times!