This first week of 2017 I’ve been taking it easy, chilling, not pushing too hard and just analyzing what I want.

I’m planning and plotting, I haven’t even officially set my resolutions for the year. I firmly believe that resolutions are not to be made in the haste of that unifying countdown to midnight.

Take your resolutions seriously, plan them!

With that, my resolution this year is to be more resolute! I’ve been pretty spontaneous for most of my life, doing whatever I thought I wanted to do that day. The main result is I have a shit ton of things I want to do, half starts and good intentions. It’s great for getting creative, it’s terrible for accomplishing.

Even now as I sit down to write this article it was totally spur of the moment and unplanned. It’s lacking structure and I’m bombarded by thoughts, “add creating an editorial calendar”, “Talk about daily, monthly and annual goals!” ” Oh oh… Morning routine of Successful people!!!” My brain is screaming to get out, and I’m instantly losing myself. fyi all of those things are great things brain, but let’s just get through this one sentence at a time.

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Daily Routines of Successful People

Start Your Morning Right!

Before you can plan you need to get you mind and body going.


The early bird will catch the worm

This starts with getting a good night sleep. Stay on a regular schedule and teach your body the routine, your mind will follow.

Successful people wake up early. They soak up more sunshine and have more key time with other people. But before all that, they have time to get themselves ready for the day. I remember a few years ago reading an article about a prominent blogger, he was awake by 4 or 5am So he could start blogging to the East Coasters that were getting on with their day.



Regularly exercise

Exercise is one of those things that every one everywhere tells you, you need, will give you energy and increases all that good stuff that keeps your brain happy. So duh, exercise but also, duh start your day with some.

Even if it’s just some really good stretching and/ or yoga, get the blood flowing.

tick gym shirt


Balance your life – and get off your phone

If you think the best way to achieve all your goals is too work 24/7 on them, you’re absolutely…. wrong!

You’re going to burn out, so stop working and burn off some steam.

And for real, get off your phone.  Get an app like and find out just how much time you’re wasting everyday on your phone. The best an worst thing I ever did was get an iPhone. I’d resisted for


Plan your day ahead

Plan accordingly, 3 to 5 tasks for the day that you need to accomplish. Tackle the biggest ones first! More on this next.

They are millions of articles on the 11 keys of successful people, etc – read them, often!

Daily, Monthly and Annual Goals

Setting goals is key to success, too many goal is ket to chaos.

Set 3 or 4 Daily goals anything more and you’ll start running in circles in your head.


Roberto Blake made a video that talks well about this and his own goals.


So What about you Sam!?

Ok Ok, chill man. Yo Seriously chill! OMG I can’t even.

As I mentioned at the top of the article, I have a million things I Want to do, but I have the schedule of a Father of two with a full time job. So realistically that leaves me with about 3 hours of free time a day. It’s tough. Occasionally I can sneak some time in at work to do a blog post like this one, or push out a video that I’ve launched. But it’s unpredictable and chaotic.

That leaves me with a lot of pondering, do I scale back everything to one operation? Do I branch out, out source, crowd fund?

I’m still processing all of this myself but I can tell you right now, I intend to Live Stream

I’ll be on Twitch as often as possible doing a variety of things:

  • Family and Lifestyle Streams
  • Podcasts
  • Board Games
  • Night Time Chatting
  • Early Morning Drive Time Rant

Totally forgot I wanted to do a stream this morning on my way to work in the dark.

So when it all comes down to it, My resolution is simply to set goals. Daily, Monthly an Annual. I’m working on setting those bigger goals, but right now 3 to 5 Daily goals.

Blog More

• Weekly Personal Posts

• Weekly Articles, like this one – Check !

Video More

• at least 2 videos a week, hopefully 4

Stream More

Every Damn Day! I’ll be on soon!


I am scaling back in a way, not necessarily canning my other projects, but bringing everything back to one source. Kick In Show and my other podcasts will be live streamed on and videos will go out on

Collaborate with me!

I do have two Projects I’m looking to over see and bring on other people to live stream and/or make videos for

Cute Avalanche – A tumblr showcasing cute animals to 30,000+ Followers

Pizza Games and Zombies – featuring… those things.

I’m looking for people to live stream this pets & animals, board game nights, or do regular video game streams.

In return you’ll get a lot of attention as I push those projects. ToLifeaccomplishments,goals,how to,New Year,new years resolutionsThis first week of 2017 I've been taking it easy, chilling, not pushing too hard and just analyzing what I want. I'm planning and plotting, I haven't even officially set my resolutions for the year. I firmly believe that resolutions are not to be made in the haste of that...Influencer, Writer & Internet Viking

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