There’s been a pretty loud out cry of people about what happened on Game of Thrones this past Sunday. I waited to form my thoughts and honestly I considered not saying anything as I know this will be met with some vastly polarizing responses.

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SPOILER ALERT! Seriously it’s probably unlikely you don’t know what I’m going to be talking about as you’ve already seen the title. but dear god, stop here if you need to. I will be talking about things of pure speculation as well.

Before we get started I want to make this clear, I did not read the books. I am judging and predicting everything based on the show alone and what I expect from a show.


Before Sunday’s episode started I turned to my wife and said “I just realized nothing really horrible has happened yet… somebody big is going to die”. I was wrong, and I was right. Something way more horrible happened than somebody big dying.

Purity and Innocence died.

The episode progressed, we followed Tyrion Lannister get kidnapped by slavers (bad).

We watched Jamie face off with the Sand Snakes and get taken Prisoner (bad, though really not as bad as I’d thought).

and last but certainly not least Sansa Stark was married to Ramsey Bolton, the sadistic, power driven bastard turned heir to the throne.

We watched as Sansa bravely walked down the aisle, wondering if she might just die right here at her own wedding. We watched as in the scenes before Little Finger set up to betray either Sansa or Cersei Lannister (my moneys on the latter).

And then the episode ended. In an eruption of horror.

Sansa and her new husband, escorted by Reek entered the bed chamber and the internet divided in half.

I’ve read a lot of responses to the rape of Sansa Stark, people saying the didn’t need to see it, that they were disappointed , saying Game of Thrones treats women horribly, and ultimately calling it unnecessary.

As a writer, a novel writer I want to say this: It was Necessary.

The Portrayal of Women on GOT

Let’s break this down, a lot of people have cried foul about the way women are treated on Game of Thrones. Horrible things happen to the women on Game of Thrones, and yes this is not the first time we’ve seen a man forcibly take a woman on GOT. Jamie Lannister asserted himself on Cersei, and not just an the long honor incestual tradition of Lannister love but inches from the corpse of their child.

But the truth is horrible things happen to EVERYONE in Game of Thrones.

Men are beheaded, dismembered, burned, and worse.

This is the contract we make as a watcher with the creators of the show. You’re going to do horrible things to your characters and we’re watching to see if they use this horrible event to become better people or die. Generally they just die, and that’s fine.

How Bad Was It

Here’s the thing, it’s supposed to be bad. Rape is horrible. As a father of two girls it is a daily worry the media has driven me to exhaust.

You are supposed to feel bad, you’re supposed to be outraged. That is the appropriate response.

But the truth of the matter is, as it was shot it was done with minimal force.

This act was not hyper sexualized. We don’t see the child like Sophie Turner undressed.

Most of what does happen, happens off screen as the credits are rolling leaving you to imagine an act of pure terror. You as the viewer see nothing but the portrayal of Power. Not sexuality, and that is the truth about rape. It is an act of entitlement and power and that’s disgusting. You should feel disgusted.

Theon stands stoically watching and feels disgusted.

but the portrayal is both honest and concise.

 Why Sansa

A big argument out there that I’ve seen is ‘Why Sansa, hasn’t she been through enough’? How is that even an argument. If she’d ‘been through enough’ her story would be over. Either she’d be Queen of Kingslanding or she’d be dead. Those are the rules to the world.

She already had to endure Joffrey – and to a point exactly, Game of Thrones is always building it’s characters. She’s dealt with the “head” games of Joffreys abuse to the point of her own fathers beheading. But she herself was never physically harmed.

We know she can handle that, so what’s next for her is going to be worse. Writers don’t have a choice here, you heighten or you fail.

What would happen if Ramsey brought her back the room and was like

“Hey Reek, piss off.”

“Is that all?” asks Sansa

“What you thought I was going to do something horrible to you, just cause I mutilate basically everyone who’s my underling? Nah you get a pass”

That wouldn’t fly, why would you expect it.

The minute she lived through her wedding and stood in the room, Reek at the door I knew someone was going to die. As it turns out the death was inner personal. Sansa Stark will never be a child again.

In fact Childhood has been killed entirely on the show. Sansa being the last to exit it’s innocent embrace.


Sansa knew what was coming.

While she stood there by the bed I kept thinking, she’s waiting for Ramsey to become distracted and is going to pull a dagger from her sleeve and slit his throat. She was biding her time, I could see it.

But obviously it wouldn’t make sense to just kill him there on her wedding night, she’d be dead by sunrise and what good does that do her. She is plotting and planning and has Little Fingers hand guiding her actions. She knows what she must do, and like a child going to a doctor you know you the shot is going to hurt but to get better there’s no avoiding it.

Yes I understand how horrible that analogy is, and way too phallic but I couldn’t find a better one.

What’s Next

The most interesting thing to me is that I’m asking this question. Up until this very moment Sansa Stark has been the most boring character on the show to me. I never thought her story was going anywhere, she was simply shuttled around, pawned off to different male characters and then finally cast aside as a minor plot point.

But these last few episodes have finally show something new in her, she’s slowly approaching the precipice of a major life decision in which either becomes her mother, Queen of the North OR the Wicked Witch. She already has the dark flare of a Disney Villainess, and now if she let’s the rage run wild she very well could out play Cersei herself.

And that is interesting.

There are in fact so many aspects to the 49 second act that each one could be over analyzed in it’s own post.

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