Periscope is growing fast and I’ve been going live daily (several times) and almost everyday. With twitter backing it, it’s sure to become a quick contender for the slot once held as the ‘youtube’ of live streaming. So I’ve been paying it a lot of attention and I’ve gathered some tips from my own experience as a broadcaster, as well as some I’ve heard reiterated by broadcasters like Jason Horton, AlexPettitt and Manny.

NOTE: I’ll be going live myself with these tips and to talk about Periscope at about 15 minutes.

1. Engage with your Audience, Be Interactive.

With any live streaming platform, you have to ask yourself why you’re doing this live VS pre-recorded, and there are two main reason. One is to talk about things while they happen and the other is to get an immediate response from your audience.

Ask questions, chat with your audience, greet everyone that enters your room by name (username or first name if you know it). Build up an actual friendship with your viewers and they’ll come back time and time again.

2. Get those Replays

When your live show is over, you can still get Replays. encourage your fans to share your broadcasts once you’ve stopped. Within this, try and keep your shows concise and entertaining.

3. Topical Broadcasts

Whether it’s youtube, blogging, twitter or periscope talk about trending topics, current events, ‘tent pole events’ and anything in the zeitgeist. I’d say to do this every day if you can, at least every week.

Trending Topics

Look to twitter, youtube and google to find those topics that are immediately trending. The last episode of Game of Thrones (imagine if you went live after the Red Wedding episode!), the Super Bowl, even things as weird as the White and Gold VS. Blue and Black dress would draw in an audience.

4. Dynamic Titles

Make sure your titles are clear and informative to what you’re going to be talking about.

What show are you more like to tap on:

‘Hanging with my Friend’


‘Top 10 Tips to Get Follows on your Periscope’

HashTag Titles

While Periscope doesn’t currently make use of hashtags, I still like to use them as when I go live Periscope posts an update with your title to Twitter. So put those hashtags in the title.

5. Get Those Hearts – But Don’t BEG!

Sitting there pleading with the few people you have to give you hearts, is not fun or entertaining for you or them. It’s desperate and won’t hold your audience. Use hearts as part of the interaction with your audience. While you talk, ask your viewers ‘If you agree with what I’m saying, tap the screen and show me some hearts’… or turn it in to a game.

I reward my viewers (who are also members of my website), they know for every 1000 hearts they give me, I’ll reward them with points on my website. I bring it up once or twice and episode, but for the most part it’s just written on a white board behind me. I don’t have to badger them at all.

6. White Board

As I just mentioned, I have a white board behind me so I can write messages, play games and just share information passively throughout my show. Periscope recently mirrored those front facing camera broadcasts, so even though it looks backwards to you, it’s still readable to your audience.

7. Broadcast Constantly

Again, this goes with youtube, periscope, anything. Do it consistently and regularly at the same times.

Right now if you join me live you’ll see on my white board ‘Live @ 10am PST Daily’ – and I’m trying hard to stick to that. Though that’s actually Monday through Friday.

Another great thing is to

8. Pre-Promote your Broadcast

If you know you’re going live, at a specific time/day then make sure to put the word out.

  • Create an online schedule/calendar with you schedule.
  • Tweet and post to facebook before your going live (a day before, an hour before)
  • At the end of one broadcast let people know when you’ll be going live next

9. Promote your Twitter

While it’s great to get people to follow you on periscope directly, many people won’t turn on their periscope notifications and won’t know when you’ve gone live. So the next best thing is the get them to follow you on twitter to give them a second chance to see you’re live. Of course this all comes second to what I was just saying about broadcasting on a regular basis.

10. Archive Your Broadcasts

Periscope will only keep your stream up for 24 hours after you’ve finished. If you go in to your settings you can turn on an option to save your broadcasts in your camera roll once you’ve finished. Currently I’m putting some (not all) of my more entertaining, interesting, life streaming archives up over on my profile. I’m actually putting those up straight (portrait style). I’m also working on a template to make my periscope archive landscape to put them up on my youtube channel

More tips to come and join me live on Periscope (find out when I’m live from my twitter @samproof) Tovideohot to,live streaming,periscope,tipsPeriscope is growing fast and I've been going live daily (several times) and almost everyday. With twitter backing it, it's sure to become a quick contender for the slot once held as the 'youtube' of live streaming. So I've been paying it a lot of attention and I've...Influencer, Writer & Internet Viking

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