These past few weeks, months, lifetimes everything flying by. I don’t even remember the last time something wasn’t the same. Feels like a few decades since I breathed.


Let Me Up: Cursive: Won’t someone just let me out

I’ve been working, being a dad and many of my web ventures have fallen to the waist side because of it. Live streaming, youtubeing, podpocalypse, podcasts, etc… I’ve minted a few tumblrs and this website. In fact this website is the one thing that is flourishing, (this and Kick In). I’ve turned to content aggregation and curation. But I fear it losing it’s soul. Much like a fear loosing my own.


I’m drawing in the end… let me out

Here I am bringing back a bit of that old Sam Proof personal touch. A little blogging in the midst of the noise of this starbucks chatter


Navy Sheets: The Hold Steady: Everybody wants to suck on something sweet

It’s a funny thing this internet. I’ve been on it since Before AOL mailed out CD’s trying to get everyone on board. What was once a private club has become a social standard. The internet seems like it’s in more homes than recycling, or telephones. Hell I don’t even have a Land Line any more.

Do you still have a landline?

I don’t expect a lot of people to read these diary-esk, but i’m putting them out there. Putting myself out there, because I think there’s something to be grabbed out here


Mission of burma – ok-no w: mission of burma: I don’t feel to week myself nooooo


Once, what feels like 20 years ago we had a neat little community on youtube and stickam and now, like High Schoolers many of have gone our own ways. We’ve spread out, grown up, ground new friends, different interests and without the personal touch to cling to… we literally virtually split apart.


Conrad: Jets to Brazil: double edged and super blue vertically letting the life from you

And that’s just what happens to people. I think every 7 years we are rebuilt, every cell in our body is one that didn’t exist 8 years ago and how can the rest of us not be affected some how. If the moon causes the tides, how can it NOT affect something that is also 70% water?

It has in fact been over 7 years since I started my journey on youtube and stickam (rip buddy)… and here we are a new body, a new life. Father, husband, internet OG to a work of Vine stars, snap chatters and what ever the fuck yin yak is. I might as well be looking at a VCR flashing 12:00.

It’s time to move on perhaps? Time to find that next thing, that next rung on the ladder. If the internet is the old west coming in to the industrial age, then it’s time to hope on a train car and become a hobo.


Overcome: Face To Face: It isn’t so wrong, to be where you’re from

Thoughts rumble around, jostle and constantly fight to be formed. But the circle remains. I’ll probably never leave youtube entirely but at this point what I have time to do with it, is not what I want. So I’ll focus more and more on this blog and Kick In. We’re rebooting the Kick In Show as a podcast with Art Tebble (from Pizza games and zombies). Join me tomorrow in the live for a behind the scenes look.


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