Continuing on with my journey to increase my Klout score and document the process I’ve come across an article ‘7 Ways to Boost Your Klout Score‘ and decided to see if it mentioned anything I wasn’t already doing.

Here’s a quick break down of their suggestions:

1. Be Authentic

2. Share Big Personal news

3. Connect with Influencers

4. Gain Influence on at Least One Social Network

5. As Your Klout Score Climbs, Work Harder

6. Grow Your Non-social Influence, Too

7. Don’t Take It Too Seriously


Ok so where am I at with this and what can be done from here?

Today is 4/17/14 as I type and my Klout stands at 68.40 – This is actually my 90 day high! I’ve been higher but that was about 5 months ago when I just grazed 69. Bow chicka wow wow.

Klout 68 40 1

OK let’s get a closer look at where I’m at with all this.

Here’s what my Klout is made up of.

Btw I’m super curious to see what other people have for this breakdown, so send me your screenshots!


Klout | Be Known For What You Love

Want to get down to the real nuts and bolts of these numbers?

Facebook: 45.78%

Twitter: 41.23%

Instagram: 10.45%

Linkedin: 1.68%

and that thick white line due north, that’s both foursquare and klout itself and possibly some other networks, G+, tumblr, etc… nothing that’s charting big enough to make any waves.

What made that big swing of almost a full point?!

Obviously it’s all speculation, unless you work for Klout and actually know what makes up the equation but my guess is a combination of a few things:

For starters, we assume that our Klout score is created and calculated by our actions over a 90 day swatch. If that is in fact the case, then the simple fact that we’re moving away from my lower score of 90 days ago and whatever inaction I was doing then should keep my score rising up for the next 4 days. Beyond that, this past week and a half I’ve been posting a lot more blogs to my personal website here and videos to my youtube account. With that comes social media calls. Finally three other you tubers had videos release this week that mention me just briefly. So all in all social media wise it’s been a good week to look at me.

Now what?

With this knowledge let’s go back through the list and see what I can do to increase my engagement, presence and thus Klout.

Let’s look at and breakdown that list again and I’m about to create an action items list of things to do!

1. Be Authentic

This one seems to be you either are or you aren’t. I’m a very personal blogger, I’m not representing a company that isn’t myself. So generally speaking I’m fairly confident that I’m at least 80 authentic 😉


2. Share Big Personal news

Well great this just backs my hypothesis to my .88 Day change. Or course you have to have big news to share big news, so I suppose I need to start working on whatever is next!

Who wants to make a youtube video 😉


3. Connect with Influencers

OK, This feels like a solid tip that I don’t act on enough. so Much so I’m underlining this and bolding it so I can look back and go ‘Or right, do that’.

Beyond my friend @mayhemstudios I honestly don’t really pay attention to other people’s Klout scores or who is or isn’t an influencer. (Hi Calvin)

so first step here is going to be create a list of influencers who are doing something similar to myself, that I like and start a dialogue with them, collab on a project, or just find out if they’re interested in sharing things I’m working on.


4. Gain Influence on at Least One Social Network

Once again this feels like something I’ve at least accomplished in part. But not really, I have a decent sized youtube following 15K subscribers, but the active accounts have dwindled. I have 1600 twitter followers and the numbers get smaller on other social media sites. So I’ll have to come back to this one.

What network to focus on is a puzzlement to me.


5. As Your Klout Score Climbs, Work Harder

And this is exactly where I’m at and why I’m doing what I’m doing. The article says that hitting 30 is pretty easy if you’re even remotely active, once you get to 40 it starts to get increasingly harder to level up. Just like in AD&D but less magic treasure.

Here I am nearing 70 and it’s definitely a daily battle, I need to be putting in sometime every day creating interesting content but also getting it out there.

So I feel I’m perfectly on track with this tip.


6. Grow Your Non-social Influence, Too

This is kind of interesting, but also a bit of a hard tip to act on as most of the examples in the article are based on how other people are looking for you in non social media ways (via bing, etc). So barring barging into people’s houses with a gun and a laptop I’m not sure there is much I can do here beyond keep on keeping on.


7. Don’t Take It Too Seriously

Well, too late! Honestly this is a good suggestion. At the end of the day, it’s a just a number and who really cares. I’ve yet to get a job based on my Klout… though I’m pretty sure I’ve lost jobs to people with much less Klout than I. What I’m doing now is very much the opposite of taking it too seriously. I’m intrigued at what makes it tick and I find the game of it fascinating and fun. Who knows this blog post and series could be the thing that takes me to 71. Seriously. 😉


Ok so the main thing I’ve taken away from this is… don’t be such a fucking introverted loner! I have friends and I should talk to them, online, offline, on the line. Wherever and whatever. And maybe find a network to focus on. As it is I’m trying to se what I can do on linked in to bring that score up. My goal bring my linked in up to 5% seems like a simple move, but I’ve never seen it break 2.

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