Younow live show recap Feb 23rd!

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Milestones: This week we hit level 14 granting the show ‘Jail’, the ‘Ring’ and the ‘Turntable’… whatever the hell that does. I immediately found out what jail does. Thanks to Kyle G. (Screencap from Doc the Gaffer)


And as always weird picture after weird pictures – mostly thanks to Ming from InTheBackRow but also Tyler W., Nihal_HymerFamDandelion and some others


Screenshots from Fans:

 More screencaps can be found on my Tumblr throughout the week


Chat Transcript:

(This is an incomplete transcript of the live chat that occurred during the show, since you doesn’t automatically archive it and the chat buffer deletes the top lines so I manually copy/paste a few times during the show, but obviously there are some gaps.)


TommyPickles:  DUDE

PhukYouMing:  I still love you, it’s all good

TommyPickles:  ARE YOU IN SPACE

PhukYouMing:  OMG TOMMY

PhukYouMing:  OMG!

PhukYouMing:  OMGGGG!

TommyPickles:  YOU REMEMBER ME?Q?Q?Q


PhukYouMing:  Yeah, Tommy, you’re famous

Gabriel L.:  Green SCREEN????

TommyPickles:  Link me to my famous quote!!!

PhukYouMing:  Yeah buddy!

IntheBackRow:  how many stickam views did you have at the end?


IntheBackRow:  13 mill?

TommyPickles:  Lol I got time


IntheBackRow:  You had like a few million more than me


PhukYouMing:  I’m just going to keep this up

IntheBackRow:  I had almost 5 I think

PhukYouMing:  5 views? you’re popular

TommyPickles:  EXCELSIOR


Jess I.:  WTF is this….

PhukYouMing:  hahahahahaha


Macy C.:  I became a fan of SamProof!

PhukYouMing:  You are

Zoe K.:  Lmaoo


Zoe K.:  Wtf!!!! Hahahahahahaahahahahahaaa

PhukYouMing:  I love that you humor me 95% of the time

TommyPickles:  You have let me down

TommyPickles:  LMAO

TommyPickles:  what is this


Michael L. took a Snapshot of SamProof and posted it to Facebook

PhukYouMing:  Nice one, Michael

Alyssa B.:  I became a fan of SamProof!

Alyssa B.:  Do you like Michael Jackson?

PhukYouMing:  It’s the fk off and have a good time show

EmmieEmmie38 gave SamProof some Bacon.

PhukYouMing:  LOL

IntheBackRow bought SamProof 1 Drink

Mary Y.:  beautiful hair ^-^

PhukYouMing:  I like that better, P-meyow

Alyssa B.:  o.O

rimsha a.:  What is this

PhukYouMing:  It’s a show!

PhukYouMing:  It’s a hilarious awesome show!

Mary Y.:  (-_(-_-(-_-)-_-)_-)_-)

IntheBackRow:  what is longest you have ever had a video stuck at 300

Kyle G.:  @InTheBackRow Featuring Kyle Goldfinch! Today! 🙂

Alyssa B.:  #every5minutesyouaskwhatthisshowis!

Anton Orn H.:  Hayyy sam!!!

PhukYouMing:  HI KYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IntheBackRow:  tired of waiting


Anton Orn H.:  Nice cat

PhukYouMing:  That could be very bad, Sam

IntheBackRow:  24 hours

Part Tw

PhukYouMing:  Alyssa, I literally snorted at that

Gabby B.:  Oh dear

Sabrina M.:  I became a fan of SamProof!

IntheBackRow took a Snapshot of SamProof and posted it to Facebook


Sabrina M.:  oh a fish

PhukYouMing:  Haha

Tyler W.:  i bet it isnt lol

IntheBackRow:  lol

Tyler W.:  i actually have a nice one



IntheBackRow:  that’sa problem with lighting

PhukYouMing:  I don’t know what this is but I want one

Tyler W.:  YES I CNA

Tyler W.:

Michael L. gave SamProof 1 Hug

Anton Orn H.:  Ps4 vs Xbox 1

Gabby B.:  What’s up

Jetta B.:  hi

Tyler W.:  are you using Xsplit?

Tyler W.:  thats what i use

Michael_Salamone_Music:  hey Sam

PhukYouMing:  PS4 all the way Anton

Tyler W.:  yes it does

Tyler W.:  XSPLIT works WAYYY better get it….

Michael_Salamone_Music:  I’ve always been a Playstation fan

Fionna P.:  I became a fan of SamProof!

Anton Orn H.:  Phuk fuck yea


Tyler W.:  ive used Xsplit greenscreen on yOUNOW

Anton Orn H.:  I like nutella

Tyler W.:


Tyler W.:  use this one ^

Sabrina M.:  i accidentally clicked this chat im glad i did tho

Tyler W.:  yyyaayyyy

PhukYouMing:  Sup Tyler

IntheBackRow:  creepy


Sabrina M.:  kitty <3333333

Tyler W.:  USE THIS ONE—>>>


Sabrina M.:  awwwwwwww

Moneyman867:  Hi

PhukYouMing:  LOL

Sabrina M.:  lol

Anton Orn H.:  Hay im gonna GO to sleep nice stoping by .. Love you ….. Not gay btw

IntheBackRow:  everything looks like a dick to you

IntheBackRow:  bread sticks

Moneyman867:  Hahaha

Tyler W.:  lololololol

Moneyman867:  You so funny

PhukYouMing:  oO


Moneyman867:  Haha I’m Asian

IntheBackRow:  thats my indian father

PhukYouMing:  Love you Anton! Have a good night 😀

PhukYouMing:  You missed a lot

Moneyman867:  So a picture of Morgan freeman

PhukYouMing:  I don’t care, it’s adorabuuuuuuulllllllll

Sabrina M.:  LOL

Part Three:


Sabrina M.:  i have a cat

Maddie:  Aww she’s a cutie

PhukYouMing:  Such a cutttttttteeeeeeee bebehhhhh


Maddie:  7 cats own me lol


Nihal_HymerFamDandelion:  are u using a green screen

PhukYouMing:  Hehe


Maddie:  No thanks

Maddie:  Hubby won’t let me


Sabrina M.:  my cats named simba and hes sleeping



Sabrina M.:  lol


PhukYouMing:  purrr purr purrr

Maddie:  Callie Hennessy angel Mia peanut Noah irisa

Sabrina M.:  ship them all to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Maddie:  Lol

PhukYouMing:  It’s crotchetededed

PhukYouMing:  LOL

Nihal_HymerFamDandelion:  lol so glad i decided to watch you lol

PhukYouMing:  Doc just said it looks like belly button lint

Maddie:  It looks like a cotton ball

Sabrina M.:  i’ll go pick them up okay


PhukYouMing:  I don’t remember


Nihal_HymerFamDandelion:  wtf

Sabrina M.:  🙂 i will go


Sabrina M.:  what is that

PhukYouMing:  I so badly want a skunk. D:

Libby A.:  you scare me….

Sabrina M.:  lol

PhukYouMing:  A skunk 😀

PhukYouMing:  They can be destinktified

Libby A.:  omg


PhukYouMing:  lmao okay that makes … sense

PhukYouMing:  derp 😀

Sabrina M.:  g2g the walking dead is going to be on in 1 minute 🙂 peace

PhukYouMing:  yummy?

PhukYouMing:  Have yourself a fabulous WEek, Sam. Always fun wasting time with you 🙂


Jessica T.:  what are this

Sabrina M.:  lol

IntheBackRow gave SamProof some Bacon.

PhukYouMing:  xoxo

Jessica T.:  is it legal to send you a drink

Jessica T. bought SamProof 1 Drink Sam Proof Showvideochat show,chatroom,friends,fun,live stream,meme,screencap,younowYounow live show recap Feb 23rd! Check out the recap here | Full Broadcast Milestones: This week we hit level 14 granting the show 'Jail', the 'Ring' and the 'Turntable'… whatever the hell that does. I immediately found out what jail does. Thanks to Kyle G. (Screencap from Doc the Gaffer)   And as...Influencer, Writer & Internet Viking

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