How to hide Annoying Sites from your Facebook Newsfeed

We’re bombarded by memes, links, dumbed down news stories, buzzfeed, things you wouldn’t believe, things that will make you throw your laptop, things doctors hate about this girl, etc

Remember when facebook was a place where you could actually catch up with friends and see what they were upto? Not just what GetGlue says they’re watching, not just what cat meme they LOL’d at, not just what youtube video they commented on?

Facebook actually has built in to it measures to remove unwanted crap from your news feed; here you go in 4 steps as easy as telling that damn neighbor kid to get off your lawn!


Step 1 :  Find shit you don’t care about

Step 1 - find crap

Yes weather it’s Buzzfeed, GetGlue, the huffington post or even just that one weird neighbor boy (yes Timmy I’m looking at you, out my window); you’ve identified a source of annoyance! Feel free to clench your jaw, grind your teeth and get ready to raise an arm.


Step 2: Find the hidden drop down menu

Step 2 - Click hidden tab

Yes if you hover in the upper right hand corner of the offending post or person a magical little drop down menu appears that will let you:

A) Just hide that one post

B) Hide all posts from that horrible person who decides to share links instead of thoughts

C) Hide all posts from the worst offenders on the internet… websites! You Bastards!


Step 3: Declare War

Step 3 - Shake fist

No that you’ve selected your target from the drop down menu and new window of options will appear.  Choose wisely and Clench that fist, cause it’s time to shake it!

Seriously Timmy, get the fuck off my lawn! Maybe next time you learn to throw your frisbee towards your own house.


Step 4) Smack down!

step 4


Finally get specific on just how horribly annoying this person or thing is. You may see a different screen of options if you picked choices B or C on the previous screen. Click any of these and sit back for some good old-timey lemonade and play with your brand new frisbee.


Suck a dick Timmy, suck a dick.

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