My Wife and I have been watching Revolution (through a sea of ads on Hulu… that’s a whole other rant). We watch mostly because there’s just nothing else on.

Here’s the deal (aka why bother watching and complaining about this show). Revolution could be great. It could be the best post apocalyptic show out there. Granted Walking Dead would take that title in a heart beat… so Revolution could be the best one at least on hulu. But it’s not,  and here’s why – it falls flat.


I’ve long since given up pointing out the fact that 15 years after all the industrial world would have been turned off people are still sporting brand new clothes fresh out of the package, the girls run around with salon treated hair and everyone has crystal white teeth. I can suspend disbelief enough for that.


But then this episode happens:


Let me sum up some quick bits:

• Charlie and Rachel have been hiding out in an old building, but amazingly have brought/found the exact chemicals they need to  create a compound that will create a deadly Sarin like gas… they also have all the equipment to heat, mix, distill the chemicals as well. Not to mention that chances are these were chemicals laying around for 15 years and are still potent enough to work.

• Next up Myles and Charlie create a diversion, in which Charlie yet again has found the perfect weapon – a dog whistle, which she uses to distract the guards.

Sidenote: earlier in the scene some one literally says “they have dogs?” as to imply, fucking dogs are no longer easily obtained by people and in the last 15 years (for some reason) people just don’t deal with dogs any more.. but hey she has a dog whistle for some reason!

• Back to the “plan” Charlie blows her whistle and this let’s Rachel get access to the roof of the building RIGHT NEXT TO THEM! (Why this building next to the super secret HQ was so unguarded I don’t know.)

• Cut to, After a brief but predictable and unrewarding moment of decision Rachel continues on with the plan, but oh now she doesn’t see their friend has been captured and dragged inside the very building she’s going to fumigate!

So what happens while on to of the super secret Patriot Headquarters that required a distraction involving an analog piece of technology no one needed anymore? – What happens is… Myles just saunters over like it’s no big deal and tells her to stop.

You know who should just stop? These writers that aren’t willing to let their characters make a horrible mistake. Every lives, everyone escapes (except Nora… poor awesome Nora… she was cool)…

Let he drop the god damn gas in there, I would have sooner believed that it just didn’t do anything. That the chemicals has been so diluted from sitting around all those years that maybe it just made some people feel icky.


This is why the Walking Dead works, the people are idiots, they do stupid, desperate, selfish things and they fucking die. People die. There are two characters from the original group left (three if you consider Carol still part of the group).


I have such hope in my heart that sometime in the future Aaron loses his goddamn mind, goes on a mind torching rampage and exclaims “I am your god now” while cutting a path of destruction that lights half the country a blaze. Write that, and see how your characters cope. Blow Your Horn,revolutionMy Wife and I have been watching Revolution (through a sea of ads on Hulu... that's a whole other rant). We watch mostly because there's just nothing else on. Here's the deal (aka why bother watching and complaining about this show). Revolution could be great. It could be the best...Influencer, Writer & Internet Viking

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