How to Hack Google Earth and How to Stalk Viewers on your Website (connect woopra to Google Earth)

With just a few steps you can get a really cool visual of who is viewing your website

What You’ll Need for evil webmaster God Powers:

1) A Website

2) Woopra Analytics

3) Google Earth

Phase 1 – Create your account on Woopra

1) OK so first go set up an account at (free, up to 30,000 views)

2) goto your ‘settings’

2B) if you have a self hosted wordpress site, grab the woopra plugin

3)  Grab the embed code and drop it in your website

Phase 2 – Connecting it All:

1) Log into your Woopra account and find the API Key option in the Edit Settings dropdown menu on the Dashboard. Each Website has its own API key, so if you want to add multiple sites to Google Earth you will need to repeat this step for each one.

2) Launch your Google Earth application and choose ADD from the main menu, followed by NETWORK LINK.

3) Give your Woopra Visitor traffic link a name, and then in the link box enter the following – but replace the part that says my domain name ( with YOUR domain name, and replace the XXXXXXXX with YOUR API Key:

4) Sit back and laugh maniacally.


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