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Recently I teamed up with director Stimson Snead, who’s come up to shoot & direct my sketch videos. (remember when I did those?)
Yea, they’re coming back, in full force. Stimson and I have shot 2 videos now, the first should be out in the next two weeks. The second one will be the first of the new Zombie Series I’m doing, so that may be another month before it comes out. I want to shoot them all first, then I’ll release them on a weekly basis.

I’m pretty excited about this. Having a team, no matter how small just keeps me on track, keeps me going. And things will be better than they ever had been. We’re amping up the equipment we’re using and with that I can amp up the ideas. I’d love to find a dedicated editor in Los Angeles, so things could go even smoother. But I suppose until I can pay people I’ll take what I can get, which means mostly me and my friend Ed as Editors.

So, here’s a quick shot from today’s shoot.

A New Sam Proof Collab Video!

So yea, I’ve finally got a new collab video idea, it will actually tie in to the Zombie Series so It’s going to happen even if I have to play a million various parts myself.

So here’s what I need – The concept is pretty simple, I’m going to do a montage of what will appear to be skype calls. I don’t need any complex set ups, all I need is you grabbing a weapon and shaking it in front of the camera. You’re not threatening me, just showing off that you have a good weapon. I’m not looking for goofy weapons, but serious things. A sharp looking kitchen knife, a butcher knife, a gun, etc.

Please be careful if you use an actual weapon

Technical Notes:

  • Shoot straight on, head and shoulders OR a Medium shot, if you need it to show the weapon
  • Try and pick a clean, uncluttered background – if you’re a blogger with a typical set up for you own videos, use that one.
  • Please light to make a bright clean picture
  • Sound isn’t very important, but do your best with that
  • Shoot 16:9 widescreen, HD – I will accept SD and 4:3 – BUT 16:9 HD will get priority, so if I have to cut anything it’ll probably be the SD clips
  • You can say something like “Check this out” “Oh yea” “I’m covered” – something along the lines of “This is my weapon” “I’m good” etc
  • Shake the weapon around, or play with it as it should be used for 5 to 10 seconds, then play with it in a more weird/crazy way and make a war cry
  • Preferred file is .Mov, .Mp4, I can usually convert any file type
  • Send the file to samsaysstaystrong@gmail.com – use yousendit.com, pando, dropbox, or a similar serivce
  • Dead line is April 12th
  • In your email please include your youtube channel link (even if you know I know it, just to help organize things)

Ok That’s it, I look forward to your clips!

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Google+ | twitter Sam Proof is an Actor, Writer and Filmmaker.

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  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Auslander999 Aus

    Oi, well there goes another train I'll miss. lol Not sure if my mass email hit ya on the Tubes Sam, but I can't make any videos due to the priorities of offline projects. Mostly helping folks build greenhouses, teaching them how to garden organically, and since my hydro electric projects have drained all the funds I had into it, I am switching to air power generation with a local, Idaho group. I am also dealing with both parents having health issues, over 2000 miles away, and working 6 days a week for the last 3 months. Can we say I am human toast? Get out the butta! Toast is done! :)

    If my tax return wasn't all dedicated to fixing my pickup, I'd have a new camera by now and start filming my puppet show series I spoke about last year.

    However, good luck, and I'll mention this offer to people I know who aren't subbed to you on the Tubes.

    Ciao for now!


    PS: I do have a positive spin on all this though. Like a compost pile, it's mostly crap and an unexpected clipping of my plans, however, in the end, it will all break down into a new beginning to start something else totally anew. What will grow from it? Who knows, but the anticipation does give one hope. :) (eh, well it sounded good in my head) 😛