I’m coping to this right now. After 1 commercial break and 11 minutes of programming I gave up on this piece of shit.

I gotta say I wasn’t excited about it to start. I don’t particular dislike any of the actors, but I can’t really say they do me anything better than a piece of hubba bubba does either. It gets the job done, but I could fine something that’s a little fresher.

So here’s my thoughts on the 11 minutes of torture I put myself through.

It starts off with an average family, and I mean average. Mom, Dad, 1 of each child. Wait, no.. 1 boy 1 girl, no tranny kid. sorry that’d have pushed the formula over the edge!
Blah blah, everyone has a life, no one is part of the family. Boring old dad says “family vacay!” – that’s great, except we haven’t gotten a fucking second to learn or give a damn about this family at all yet. So when in the next scene they’re in some South American jungle asking a local pilot to take them up in to what’s suddenly a terrible storm – well we could care less.
We’re gonna side bar for a second – First off… When the fuck did we get to South America? it was like “hey let’s go” “hey we’re here”… “now that we’re here, let’s get on another fucking plane, since you didn’t see the one that got us here”…
Second off. Bullshit the pilot didn’t know there was a storm coming.
Third off – “Oh god a storm”…. and now we’re walking out of the water… oh but “the pilot died”
Seriously, wtf?! The pilot died, but all 4 of you are fine, not a scratch on you.. just walking out of the river after a violent plane crash.
I know what you’re thinking, you’re a smart TV watcher, you get the formula’s… you know what’s happened. This is the moment “IT” happens. What exactly happens? They fall in some water with a special plant mom talks about in a board room a few minutes later.
I’m sorry, a fucking plant did this? You fell in to the waters in Brazil and some plant made you magic?
So what people in Brazil don’t touch plants, they don’t swim in water in the jungle, or they’re all fucking super heroes? COME ON! Jesus Christ I’d buy in to a gamma ray explosion or a radioactive spider but a special plant? At least pile up some secondary circumstances…
Like I don’t know… the entire plane lands in the bushes… the plants surround everything… lighting strikes, the plant reacts as a super conductor causing the electricity to react to speed up to an atomic level while I’m getting a hand job and Kaboom!
Either way I feel like I was jerked off.
I was done watching at this point… but for some reason I came back after the commercial break just to see this. The moment Dad goes to test his new abilities.

I’m sorry, what the fuck is that?

This is what I see Pan from machine to a man holding a ball at his chest.

Nobody fucking catches like this. You’re not tricking anyone to believing he’s caught something.

What this does, is make me stop watching the show, right an angry fucking blog post and tell the world that I don’t think you’ll be back next week.

Next time you want to rip off the Incredibles – Do it BETTER then the original. (Which is nearly impossible).

Here’s something worth watching. it’s a girl in a tron styled bikini.

https://i1.wp.com/www.samproof.tv/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/tron-girl.jpg?fit=450%2C338https://i1.wp.com/www.samproof.tv/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/tron-girl.jpg?fit=150%2C150SamProofLifebad review,bikini girl,bikini tron girl,fail,flop,incredibles rip off,no ordinary family,review,reviews,terrible,tron bikini,tv showI'm coping to this right now. After 1 commercial break and 11 minutes of programming I gave up on this piece of shit. I gotta say I wasn't excited about it to start. I don't particular dislike any of the actors, but I can't really say they do me anything...Influencer, Writer & Internet Viking

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