Yesterday I was inspired.

I went to live stream from a lecture my friends were giving and in the midst of it all I got inspired.

I’ve been in kind of a holding pattern on youtube lately. I’ve bounced over the 16K subs line and then back under it on a nearly hourly rate. It kind of makes me almost dread putting up a new video – because I know the audience I’m loosing wants sophomoric humor videos. And hey I love those too, but to do them right… I just don’t have the time.

The ironic thing is I’m about to tell you that I’m going to put up a new video everyday.

Here’s the thing – I do a lot of stuff.

I’m a writer, director, photographer, musician, blah blah blah… I could go on and if I did it would just even confuse you more. The thing is people keep tell me to package myself, to focus on one thing, that they don’t know what I do. and I get it. So what I am going to do, is show you everything I do.

I want to start doing daily videos to try and put my life in to perspective for people.

They’re not all going to be vlogs, in fact I just posted the first of what I call ‘7 Days in 60s Seconds’

So I’m putting it out there – Starting in October I’ll be posting one video a day.

I’m gonna try to do this for at least 30 days, and possibly until the end of 2010

In order to kind of help myself stay on track with this whole thing, I want to create a theme for each day (kind of like Music Monday and Follow Friday, but not those things). The goal is to create things fast, so I can’t get too complex. Maybe once a week I’ll put something as complex a sketch video.

Here are some ideas I’ve got.

I’d love to hear your feedback/suggestions on which themes you like, or straight out new things I haven’t touched on

  1. My week in review
  2. Weekly Rant
  3. Truth or Dare
  4. Instructional
  5. Behind the Scenes
  6. My Projects
  7. Time Lapse
  8. Weekly Goal
  9. A Truth and a Lie
  10. Forgotten Friday
  11. Path to Publication

Here’s what they would be like:

My week in review

7 Days in 60 Seconds (I’ve already started doing these), Basically this would be a 60 second long video of just random clips of video I’ve taken throughout the week

Weekly Rant

Every now and then some one says “you should do a rant video” and for some reason or another I’ve kind of avoided doing it.

So here it is, since it’s an easy/quick video to make I’ll do an unedited Rant on some subject once a week. I’m thinking of giving myself a 2 minute maxium length to get my points across, and absolutely no editing.

Truth or Dare

I’ll ask you guys to leave comments with a truth or dare and then do a video of my fav


Every week I’ll do a ‘How to’ or DIY type video, Ranging from cooking to video tips, websites comparisons to whatever. Basically fun, instructional videos.

Behind the Scenes

Since I keep pretty busy and every week I seem to be doing something interesting, whether it’s live streaming, a photo shoot or just some event with various web celebs, this would be a quick peek behind the action.

My Projects

For every script or novel I’ve written, I’ve got 5 that I’ve started. Screen plays, books, graphic novels, board games, I’ve got a back log of unfinished projects – and I’m going to dedicate one video a week to a different project. And if people like it I’ll put more of it online and attempt to finish it.

Time Lapse

This could be anything from the sun coming up to me drawing, or working on an image in photoshop, etc.

I haven’t drawn in a while, so maybe this will encourage me to do more. Or maybe I’ll realize I’ve lost my skill and time lapse myself sulking in a corner eating New York Super Chunk Fudge and rocking back and forth in the fetal position.

Weekly Goal

Every week, probably every Monday I’ll put out there one goal I want to work on. It may end up being a goal I’ve goal already set with a modifier on it.. or something completely new. Hell by making this post I’ve already started doing these. Every Day I’m going to put out a new video. So we’ll see how I keep to that 😀

A Truth and a Lie

This is pretty simple, every week I’ll divulge two interesting events or facts about my life, except one will be a lie. You guess which! :O

Forgotten Friday

So I have an large archive of footage from things I’ve done, places I’ve visited, videos I meant to make. Every Friday I’ll post a short video with some of my favorite clips from these archives. Similar to the My Week in Review, though I may start these with a short vlog explaining the clip(s)

Path to Publication

I used to do these videos to document my progress as I attempted to publish my novel. Recently my novel is back on hiatus, as I wait to hire a professional editor to go over the manuscript and get it print ready.

In the meantime, I could use this series to talk about writing, story, and other things that pertain to writing and publishing things online. Like this how to publish on Kindle post could easily be turned in to a video.

SamProofLifefilm making,goals,time lapse,videos,vlogging,youtubeYesterday I was inspired. I went to live stream from a lecture my friends were giving and in the midst of it all I got inspired. I've been in kind of a holding pattern on youtube lately. I've bounced over the 16K subs line and then back under it on a...Influencer, Writer & Internet Viking

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