Been alot of talking about how you can do better in Nanowrimo, so it’s time for me to own up to how I’m doing.

It’s day 9 and I’m currently sitting on 14063 words (the average word count or 1667/day should put me at 15,003 so I’m not too far off. But if you’re like me you’ve started to get to a point where you constantly stop typing finding yourself thinking “Shit did I say that guy wanted to be a writer or an actor”, “Does that guy drive a Mercedes or a Hummer?” “what was that biblical story from the dead sea scrolls I heard about 5 years ago that I thought would fit amazingly in to this!?”

Then you find yourself scrolling back up through the story to try and find it and before you know it 20 minutes have gone by and you can’t remember where you ever wrote the damn thing.

So here’s the thing, I’m not going to tell you to take better notes while you’re writing. Nope.

I’m going to tell you the opposite. Stop trying to track everything, stop worrying about remembering everything. Just write.

Here’s the thing, if the notion of something is strong enough it’ll stick, it’ll poke it’s head back up, it’ll Make sense and thus won’t fade away from your vision. If something has drifted off, it’s not important enough, or it doesn’t fit strong enough, or something better is trying to come out and you’re blocking it.

So just start writing, make a choice, make it up, make it happen.

This is not a final draft, don’t pretend when December rolls around you’re going to have a final draft ready to go off to a publisher and grace the shelves of Borders. It’s not going to happen. When this month comes to an end you’re going to take some time off, celelbrate your accomplishment and everyonce in a while peer off to see the manuscript collecting dust on an end table.

Eventually you’ll pick it back up and read it through and you’re going to get readily excited that you bought that red gel pen and go just a little crazy.

So in December you can remember why you wanted that character to be a writer instead of a director, or find out that he shouldn’t drive a Hummer or a Mercedes, it’s an Audi all the way!

So for now, stop fighting yourself and just write.

Whelp looks like I’ve got another few thousand words to crank out tonight so I get a ittle bit ahead of the game.


Anyone wondering where all the new path to publication videos are, beyond the fact that I’ve been pretty busy with writing for nanowrimo and blogging in general the truth is my 500 GB external hard drive crashed and my laptop is full to the brim with previous projects I don’t want to just erase. So until I can get a new hard drive I’m a little out of video making. If you would like to help speed things along you can contribute a small amount at indiegogo or via the amazon wishlist button My Wish List

SamProof1667,nanowrimo,word count,writeBeen alot of talking about how you can do better in Nanowrimo, so it's time for me to own up to how I'm doing. It's day 9 and I'm currently sitting on 14063 words (the average word count or 1667/day should put me at 15,003 so I'm not too far...Influencer, Writer & Internet Viking

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